STFO, Smart Notification Manager

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STFO is a smart notification manager that allows you to set personalized filter rules for notifications on your phone and lets you see what you want to see and filters out the unwanted ones.You’re working and *phone beeps📲, you get distracted.

❌The end. But with the STFO app, you can set the rules to mute all the offer notifications and alert you only if it is an urgent message that you need to reply to.

Either you can set custom rules for notifications and filter the unwanted or pick from the list of readymade universal rules.

🐶 Don’t Bark: Prevent the same app from sending notifications.
🔐 Secret: Replaces a notification to hide its content from visible to others.
🕬 Custom Alert: Set custom vibration or sound alerts for your notification.
💤 Dismiss: Automatically dismiss the notification.
🙏 Auto Reply: Automatically reply to the notification.
🔉 Mute: Prevent the notifications that match your rules criteria.
Remind Me: Remind you of important notifications until you see them.
📳 Turn on/off do not disturb: If you’re on DND when you get urgent messages, our app could turn it off and vice-versa.
💬 Open Notification: Auto-tap on a notification.


1. How do I set up a custom rule?😕
It's an easy three-step process:
Step 1: Choose for which app/s you want to control notifications.
Step 2: Choose target phrase/s to filter out the notifications.
Step 3: Choose what you want to do with the notifications that match your rules criteria.

Congrats, you have successfully set up a custom rule 🙌

2. How does Auto Reply work? 😥
You can set a message: “Hey, I am glad that you messaged me. I have been swamped these days. I will get to you in some time.” and this will automatically be sent if you don’t see a message for 24 hours.

3. How does Custom Alert work? 😕
You can set up a custom notification sound (any audio present in your device, even a recording) for the notifications that your rules criteria match.

4. How does Remind Me to work? 😵
You will be reminded after every fixed interval (decided by you) of the notification that matches your rules criteria.

Some readymade rules in the explore section of STFO: 😀
★ When I get a notification from Any app that contains “Urgent” turn off do not disturb mode.
★ When I get a notification from Any app that contains “Mom” or “Dad” or “Grandma” then Remind me every 5 mins until I dismiss it.
★ When I get a notification from Messages & 2 other apps then copy the verification code and then dismiss.
★ When I get a notification from Messages and 2 other apps Cooldown that conversation for 5 mins.
★ When I get a notification from Any app that contains “Offer” or “Sale” or “Lottery” then Auto-Dismiss.
★ When I get a notification on WhatsApp then Reply “Sorry I’m busy. I will reply shortly”

Privacy: Read more.
We never peek into your phone, and no data ever leaves your phone.
There are no trackers, no ads, and STFO Smart Notification Manager. Only Google Analytics is enabled and complies to their T&Cs.
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